Monday Starts on Saturday [Ru] RootFix Entertainment / Akella 2008

Once this amazing 1965 science fiction / science fantasy novel by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky inexplicably charmed the Soviet public. Set in a fictional town in northern Russia, where highly classified research in magic occurs, the novel is a satire of Soviet scientific research institutes, complete with an inept administration, a dishonest, show-horse professor, and numerous equipment failures. It offers an idealistic view of the scientific work ethic, as reflected in the title which suggests that the scientists' weekends are nonexistent. The "Scientific Research Institute of Sorcery and Wizardry," located in the fictional Northern Russian town of Solovets, is portrayed as a place where everyone must work hard willingly, or else their loss of honesty is symbolized by hair growing from their ears. These hairy-eared people are viewed with disdain, but, in a turn symbolic of Soviet times, many of them stay in the institute because it provides them with a comfortable living no matter what. The game is a gently and carefully reworked version of the masters science fiction book. There are 50 locations corresponding to the literary original, 20 witty characters, thoughtful texts and dialogue feed, a user-friendly interface, detailed hand-drawn graphics with smooth animation, in-game texts are read by professional actors, 10 specially written songs in the soundtrack, about 8 hours of exciting passages, and unusual setting dialog scenes: closeups of characters replaced with panoramic views of locations and additional illustrations.
Russian ISO Demo 998MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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