Simsala Grimm: The Gallant Tailor BVM Produktion GmbH / Tivola 2001

For generations, children everywhere have been enchanted, entertained, and excited by the fairy tales of the brothers Grimm. The Simsala Grimm series features the classic adventures of kings and beggars, witches and dragons, and the eternal fight between good and evil. In The Gallant Tailor, our hero has just caught seven flies with one blow! Now he sets out to tell the whole world about his deed and win the princess. Follow the gallant tailor on his quest. Many tasks and trials await him, and you must make sure he masters them all. He will need your help and, of course, some assistance from Doc Croc and Yoyo. It trains memory and logic with lots of fun-packed games suitable for ages 4-10, and available in English and German.
German/English ISO Demo 268MB (uploaded by
Finnish/English Clone ISO Demo 274MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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