L'Eternauta [It] Holodream Software 1992

This is another Italian adventure in the series with Flash Gordon, Mandrake, and Yellow Kid that were made in collaboration with Roma Comic Art. The Eternaut is an Argentinian science fiction comic created by Héctor Oesterheld and Francisco Solano López. It follows the story of a time traveller who wanders through the space-time continuum in search for his original temporal dimension. In this video game adaptation produced by the Italian publisher of the comic, the Eternaut appears in a future Rome that is being overrun by aliens. He must travel back in time to investigate the origin of the invasion and stop it. The game essentially plays like an action adventure. The player controls the Eternaut across two-dimensional screens and interacts with people, objects and exits, occasionally having to fight aliens or robots using his bare hands or a laser gun. A combination of mouse and keyboard control allows the player to move, jump, crouch, attack, interact with the environment or use items in the inventory. It has annoying little robots in the catacombs, and you have to collect nuts of different colors. You have to eventually reach areas where you have to pull a lever to procede.
Italian Full Demo 1MB (uploaded by Arena80.it)

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