Bestowers of Eternity David L. Gilbert / Epileptic Fish 2003

This is a short AGS adventure by Dave Gilbert. It was originally meant as the first part of a series, but the later games were never developed. Instead, it reappeared as the 2006 commercial remake The Blackwell Legacy, where large parts of this game are used, especially the storyline, and where the story is continued. Most of the puzzles do not reappear in the remake however. When young writer Rosangela visits the grave of her aunt, Lauren Blackwell, who has just passed away, she is not aware that the ghost of her aunt is present. Joey, another ghost, has guided Lauren, but will now leave her for Rosangela. The young writer decides to investigate the death of her aunt. Rosangela lived with her aunt until her aunt was hospitalized. The story takes place during two days, where Rosangela will meet her neighbour, visit her aunt's doctor, and investigates her family history in the local library. The two mouse buttons are used to examine items or trigger actions. Rosangela also has an inventory and a notebook with clues. These clues can be combined with the environment (e.g. with a computer, or another character) to get to know more.
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Free Game 4.25MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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