New Russian Fairy Tales [Ru] Electronikum + / Media Service 2000 2002

This is a humorous quest based on the old Russian fairy tales. The most famous and colorful characters will appear before you in our time and in a modern interpretation. Well, what to expect, you'll soon find yourself in ... Russia, today. The protagonist of the game: Ivan Fools, Jr. (illegitimate) son of a wealthy banker and industrialist, autocratic ruler of a giant financial empire - Fyodor Durakova. Feeling very sick, Fyodor gathers around him all three of his sons, and said to them, "Sons, I will die soon and I decided to give you an inheritance. By chance you get a bride and bring them, and the one who has the most beautiful bride will see what will happen. The brothers randomly search for brides and decided at random on the Internet to send letters. They typed addresses at random and sent. Big brothers are a bit lucky - both at a strip club hit, and for Ivan luck turned as usual - he came to the site Frogs Protection Society, which exists in a small provincial town Alyapinsk. But there is nothing - the father gave the search for brides only three days. Ivan gets into his sporty Fiat and goes to town Alyapinsk where awaits a lot of exciting, unusual and sometimes scary adventures. It features: more than 30 characters, 40 game levels, 8 mini-games and puzzles, an original storyline, and 3D effects.
Russian ISO Demo 328MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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