Detective Bogey Loudness / art & play GmbH 1997

This is a platformer based on the eponymous Spanish animated series. The player takes control over private detective Bogey who has to rescue his girlfriend Pandora from the evil Dr. Sinister. Bogey has a map which shows Sinister's hideout but it is encrypted, so he has to gather question marks in five worlds to decipher the map. The game itself offers typical platformer gameplay: The player walks and jumps through the side-scrolling levels and shoots enemies like snakes or grasshoppers with his pistol. If the enemies hit him too often he loses one of his lives. The question marks have to collected in a restricted order so there is a certain amount of backtracking. There is no time limit and defeated enemies leave symbols behind which regenerate health or give extra lives. Additionally extra lives can be gained in the bonus game, a horizontal shooter, which is played after every beaten world.
Full Demo + WinXP Launcher 3.8MB + 232kb (uploaded by

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