New Adventures of the Musketeers [Ru] Electronikum + / Media Service 2000 2001

This game is an unusual fun quest, the protagonists of which are the three musketeers of the famous work of Alexandre Dumas. The playing style is a slightly ironic parody, the characters are very picturesque, and it has a lot of dialogue and playersa are interesting and fun to take to action. The plot of the game, in a nutshell, is that the three friends are looking for the missing D'Artagnan (seduced and abducted by Milady), resist the wiles of the Cardinal, and going out and having fun. At the same time, they manage to go to a restaurant, in a bath, in a brothel, in a nunnery, visiting my lady, go in a dungeon, and even in the bedroom of the queen. In general, spending time with the musketeers is pretty fun. There are 9 levels with an almost 3D style.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 836MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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