Interactive Atlas of Human Anatomy Frank H. Netter / Novartis 1995

This provides users with versatile tools for studying, teaching, and learning about anatomical structures. It includes 965 Netter illustrations and images, audio pronunciations of every label, image title and image subtitle, a handy movable magnifying window giving users a detailed close-up of any anatomy plate - up to 2x magnification, plus a multi-level search tool and printing capability for both gray-scale and color. It's Windows and Mac compatible.
1998 v1.2 Blindwrite6 ISO Demo (Win3.x) 701+784MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
2003 v3.0 ISO Demo (32-bit only) 272MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
v2.0N - Nervous System Edition 2001 (Win3.1 compatible too) ISO Demo 278MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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