Microsoft Revenge of Arcade Microsoft Corporation 1998

This set of games, the third in Microsoft's (video) "Arcade" series, features emulations of five Namco games: Mappy, Motos, Ms. Pac-Man, Rally X, and Xevious. Ms. Pac-Man sports a red bow and lipstick as she goes around collecting snacks while evading ghosts. It was a nice improvement over the original Pac-Man, as they incorporated more complex mazes and more varieties of snacks around each maze. Xevious is a shoot 'em up, as you take control of a pilot in enemy airspace. Your objective? Defend yourself against the endless swarms of baddies attacking from the ground and the air. Rally-X was a racing game, where the objective is to maneuver your way around each course, searching for flags while evading enemy cars and other nicely placed obstacles. Mappy is a platform game of cops and robbers... cat and mouse style. The objective is to move through each house recovering stolen items while evading the naughty Mewkies. Finally, Motos is a strange futuristic game, where you control some kind of vehicle and the object is to knock enemy vehicles off the playing field. Each game is run from the original code that shipped with the stand up arcade machine. Each game starts with the Self diagnostic routine encoded in the original hardware. Microsoft created a true hardware emulator to run the games.
ISO Demo 498MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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