Shinseiki Evangelion Koutetsu no Girlfriend / Girlfriend Of Steel Gainax / Bandai 1997

This game is based on the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and is essentially a visual novel which the player acts out. Set in the middle of the series (roughly before the attack of the Angel Ireul), the story revolves a new alternate robot design developed by a rival defense contractor (similar to Jet Alone), called TRIDENT units (alternatively, "Country Crawler"). One of the three TRIDENT pilots is "Mana Kirishima", who enrolls in school with the Eva pilots. Mana develops a relationship with Shinji and they eventually go on a date and kiss (The kiss only occurs if Shinji chooses the option of considering Mana's feelings over his roommates, Misato and Asuka). Asuka is intensely jealous of Mana and thinks the girl is a spy, while Rei is largely in the background of the story. Eventually the TRIDENT unit goes berserk and the Evas have to stop it. Mana Kirishima's characterization is more or less a combination of Asuka and Rei; she is not as extroverted as Asuka, but is not introverted like Rei is. Mana's character design is even a bit of a cross between Rei and Asuka, having Asuka's reddish-brown hair, cut short in a pageboy haircut like Rei's is. "Gameplay" consists of essentially walking around until the next scripted event in the visual novel is triggered. The only real choice involved is at the end, where the player can choose between an ending focusing on Mana, Asuka, or Kaji. In April 2006, a "special" edition was released as part of Evangelion's ten-year anniversary, with additional scenes focusing on the TRIDENT pilots' lives.
Fan-Made English ISO Demo 429MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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