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duke for sega genesis

Postby duke_link » Wed Jan 09, 2008 5:18 am

this is a unofficial version of the duke nukem adapted for the sega genesis
in my opinion very bad

you can dowload here the rom and emulator ... kem3d.html
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Re: duke for sega genesis

Postby Sikk » Mon Jan 21, 2013 10:48 pm

Not just bad, Duke Nuke Forever bad.... :P
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Re: duke for sega genesis

Postby BR4ZIL » Tue Jul 05, 2016 4:12 pm

Fun facts about this port:

-It was made by a brazilian game development team TecToy, it was ACTUALLY done under license of 3d realms. People seem to think that it was unofficial for some reason, but 3d realms confirmed years ago that it was indeed a small cheap project licensing they made.

-The port was based on an early build of duke (around the same time as "Lameduke" version), and it has a complete set of unique levels. The levels are based exclusively around the Lunar Apocalipse episode, but difer 100% from the ones in the final game or Lameduke.

-There are a couple of things only present in this version of the game that were originally intended for the final game but got scrapped, like the space suit (a simple decorative object in normal game) has a use in this, when go out into the moon, you have to use it like as if it was the scuba gear. Another fun thing is the plasma gun from Lameduke getting another appearance as a secret weapon.

-The sega genesis was really never going to be able to run Duke3d properly, to me the game is an interesting piece of software just for that, to see how devs can come up with ways to "demake" a game, same with Wolf3d for the SNES.

I honestly have no idea why and how this port got made, i suppose duke3d was so famous 3drealms thought they could squeeze a bit more money out of it by doing a cheap ass job out of it (i am betting TecToy didint received much out of that deal, considering the quality of the port + the fact nobody owned a Sega Genesis in brazil & it was a dying console already.
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