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Hello! New old-school gamer here :]

Postby PixelPolish » Sun Jul 05, 2015 5:27 pm

Hey guys!

I have found this site barely 2 weeks ago when I started building my retro PC and scavenging the Internet for cheap classics from the 90's. You know how hard can that be - sometimes you can't find the original game at all and sometimes they go for scalper prices which I can't afford in bulk, so eventually I ended finding this site and I'm in heaven! Sure, ISO file will never replace the real deal, but it's better than nothing (and I would rather not play the game at all than to play a rip with no music/videos). I will get all my classics on original discs sooner or later, but for now I can at least try them out and see if I'm wearing rose-tinted glasses when thinking of some titles or is it really worth the investment.

I will pester you with questions and requests every now and then - count on it :twisted:
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Re: Hello! New old-school gamer here :]

Postby zobraks » Sun Jul 05, 2015 6:03 pm

Welcome, PP.

PixelPolish wrote:I ended finding this site and I'm in heaven!
Ah, I know the feeling.
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Re: Hello! New old-school gamer here :]

Postby Shattered » Sun Jul 05, 2015 6:23 pm

Welcome aboard.
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Re: Hello! New old-school gamer here :]

Postby Scaryfun » Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:32 am

:welcome: I also came upon this site looking for old fps games that weren't available elsewhere. So we're keeping the tradition alive.
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