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Re: Ready-to-use VMs

Postby hfric » Sun Jul 07, 2019 5:36 pm

>We are a Virtual Environment Supporting all OS
>we drop Win3.11, win95, win98, winxp Support ...since you know Legacy Win10 HyperV broken GPU Acceleration reasons that we will not fix for the 64bit systems
>and DRM countering for games
>but plez Buy and still use US , we still do DOS ,Linux and Win7

When the Most Advanced VM solution that could run any game , with any DRM in its VM in 1:1 speeds now its crippled ... the only proper solution that could still play Tages\SafeDisc\Securom\Starforce games ... now removed , since ... corporations chipped in to cripple it ... i saw this will happen , when people praised WMware for enabling them the play of StarForce Clones in Wm environments that worked 1:1 ... or how Vmware was used to hack Diablo 3 to give people an Offline version for PC ...

a simple Check if you VMware still works is to run Zbuffer games on it... a fine example is the game Squeezils on Vm10 you can run this in Winxp , on Vm14 you get a Zbuffer error...
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Re: Ready-to-use VMs

Postby Terje_P » Tue Jul 09, 2019 4:36 pm

Latest version of Firefox that works on Windows XP. ... taller.exe ... indows-xp/

For whenever you need to browse the web on virtual machine.
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