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Installing the patch for Rainbow Six: Takedown

Postby RaTeedus » Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:50 pm

So I've had ALOT of trouble with this game so far. I can get the game running with a 1.0 crack. but when I used the English fixed patch with the crack built in the game refuses to launch. But then I am missing bug fixes and additional content. I would really like to get this fixed. When I use the official installer I originally had an error that read catastrophic failure until I deleted the installshield information folder which managed to make the patch launch. But after that, I can get to the part where I input my serial and company and name but then when I click the button to go next in the installer the installer just hangs. I will send a picture. Any help would be appreciated. I believe Scaryfun was the one who uploaded this game.

Idk how to attach images lol :D
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