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Dead Space 3 Save Game (Everything collected and unlocked)

Postby Porus » Thu Apr 16, 2020 1:18 am

:hi: I can't get a 100% save because I can't play the Co-Op missions, where some artifacts (some type of text logs), and upgrade circuits are located, and only upon collecting all of them can I unlock some special suits, upgrade circuits etc. I have the cracked version (Dead Space 3-RELOADED + Awakened DLC-PLAZA, and am using the special save file provided by PLAZA that unlocks the Limited Edition content), and I tried searching online for the save game but no one has it, and some are said to be 114.2% complete (which is very confusing). On the other hand I have collected all the goodies in the regular campaign/missions, only the co-op missions are remaining (which are unplayable on the cracked version because it says 'can't connect to EA servers', even tried allowing the game through firewall but no luck), so does anyone have a completed save file and willing to share, unless there is a way to fool the game into thinking that you are playing co-op, or a way to edit the save file. I know that this is cheating but there is no other way, (and I really can't buy the game right now), so please, if anyone has it, please share. :thanks: in advance.
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