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Darkstone (1999 RPG) - Level Editor & Patches

Postby Steve » Mon Apr 08, 2019 8:17 am

I am always a sucker for games with level editors. Although I rarely ever make a level or a mission with one of these things that could barely extend beyond a "Hello, World!" functionality, it's still fun to play around with them. I also hate when they become "forgotten" because publicly-released level editors represent a lot of hard work for the developers to make them usable to the general public.

For anyone looking for both the level editor & patches for the retail CD of Darkstone (Which is something that I might have more then one of... :D), look at the link below for all of your pre-GOG, pre-Steam, physical media needs.

Patches & Level Editor for Darkstone - Thantos Realms, a website still offering patches & the level editor for Darkstone, a 1999 ARPG game.
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