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gene troopers skidrow release

Postby jambo » Tue Dec 20, 2016 1:57 pm

i know you can download that game on this site already but i want to use the skidrow version it would be safer to install so if someone has it please upload it here i would love to download it :thanks: :thanks: i founded gene troopers skidrow torrent but it has zero seeders
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Re: gene troopers skidrow release

Postby annoyment » Tue Dec 20, 2016 3:07 pm

Unfortunately NO scene release is considered "safe" (as in DRM-uninfected) for installation (assuming the installer is official and not a RePack/fan-made), and only the overwriting of files (explained in the topic prior) renders the game "safe", considering the previously mentioned fact that the game wasn't started EVEN ONCE (redundant annoyment is redundant). If need be, even kill the installer at the Finish window with the Task Manager to evade "any" infection. The Scaryfun's upload is that of a clone rls (designed to emulate the DRM) from the time it had no crk, and now that the latter exists there should be no problem in applying it on either of the rls' (only unless regional differences happened, even for this PC port). Your perception of safety (regarding this title) is that you want the game DRM-free right off the installer (and presumably ending at that), without any further "non-official or possibly blasphemously insecure" steps. This is possibly assumable as hipocrisy, and the solution for such a matter is possible in form of a RePack but none exist for the English version ATM (from quick :google: )...
Apologies for possible rudeness but it has been proven over time by LW users that the method stated in the main site's game page is viable for the title's operation (adding the clone just for completeness' sake, which some other users do tend to appreciate), and this post of mine was meant to elaborate (and/or reflect) on that...
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