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Some titles from Georgia (Eurasia, not US :D )

Postby annoyment » Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:45 pm

Became curious after the Georgian Police trilogy, thus suggesting some of the PC titles from this country for listing @ LW, might attract ye as well, IDK lol:
1. Pixel Hunter (retro action platformer mashup thingy)
2. WinKings (versus platfromer-shooter, Joust anyone :?: )
3. Spacezone: Beyond (metroidvania, developer's other titles)
4. MagiCraft: Swords and Sorcery (Heretic VR :lol: )
5. Steameria: Tournament (steampunk FPS with gladiator themes, seems like this is what their scrapped Georgian Police 3 evolved into)
6. Alter World (story-run puzzle platformer, partly in the vein of Limbo)
And lastly some of the titles by Kuality Games should be noted of :up:
YER :welcome:
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