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SuperCan I+II

Postby rastan saga » Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:19 pm

Turkish action-adventure series for children ( 7+) and environmentalists :wink:


Walkthrough videos: ... dex=2&t=0s ... dex=2&t=0s

Download links are here, but not my uploads and not tested. It might be required online activation to play:!FgQhWIBD!r4mPoSoh9JXXSQMHpAZ72A!DXhmjToD!6oHGfqvdsr4uGAl3pVUEZQ

Company : Sobee Studios
Release Date : 6 May 2011

A review but translated with Google translate so probably it is not perfect:

The story begins with SuperCan's journey to rest after many adventures. SuperCan, who plays I Can Football ( another Turkish game from same company ) on the plane, is forced to abandon this enjoyment with a message from his pager.

Because robots that cut down trees emerge and start to destroy the forests of the world one by one. Of course our hero SuperCan does not remain indifferent to this and embarks on an adventure!
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