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Paradox Vector (2019 FPS) - Fighting Cthulhu with Vectors!

Postby Steve » Sat Aug 24, 2019 11:25 am


What do you get when you combine the neon-outlined look of TRON with the Elder Gods of the H.P. Lovecraft universe? Mostly, you might get a lot of strange looks from complete strangers but you'd also get the game PARADOX VECTOR, a 2019 First-Person Shooter now in Early Access on Steam. Why not let the developer himself explain it:

You are Danforth, head physicist at Miskatonic University. Since your encounters in the South Pole, you have been obsessed with the dangers posed by the Old Ones and their fearful servants. Against the better judgment of your colleagues, you have secretly been working on a time machine, in order to go back into the past to study the eldritch inhabitants of the ruins you discovered along with Richard Upton Pickman on the fated Pabodie expedition.

Without warning, your first trial - in which you attempt to send a watermelon one hour into the past - was somehow disrupted, and the machine transported you millions of years into the past. Trapped in the cyclopean towers of the Old Ones, you must now fight your way through the impossible labyrinths and steaming jungles of ancient Earth. Your foolish attempt to learn from the distant past has created a paradox which may disrupt the space time continuum. Find a way back home, or risk the shattering of reality as we know it!

Who knew that sending watermelons back into the past had such repercussions? Should've started with an orange first.


Steam Page for Paradox Vector
ModDB page for Paradox Vector (tech demo included)
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