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how i can install gene troopers safely

Postby jambo » Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:15 pm

so that old 2005 fps game you can download it from this site it uses starforce so how i can install it without starforce fudge my computer over i install it but then does it ask me to install some starforce drivers or something i remember when i installed flatout2 and clicked protection exe by accident and my computer was fudge so all hints are welcome how i can safely install that game i really want to play it and it even has a crack available but i do not want that starforce fudge my computer over :thanks: :thanks:
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Re: how i can install gene troopers safely

Postby annoyment » Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:12 pm

starforce install safely fudge install protection fudge computer fudge safely fudge
Jokes aside, the support for StarForce Frontline (or Proactive, which is Online Activation) 3 was fully discontinued since Windows 8, making the crack supplied the only viable method of operation. The files given by the scene group must overwrite the files within the game's Program Files right after installation (copy/paste), preventing the game to run EVEN ONCE (from the files that the setup initially puts there), in which failing to do so installs the forsaken drivers (search online for an uninstaller) and all effort (both yours and sceners') goes down the drain. TL;DR: install normally THEN copy over the contents provided THEN run, exclusively in that order...
Otherwise this topic doesn't differ from any other topic elsewhere on the exact same matter since a decade ago (and like the convo would matter anymore since no official patch/NoCD ever existed, leading to no certain support for it ever being given) :|
Unless if the cracked files (after copying that is) still call up the DRM (as reported with Curious George), even after doing the step noted here, in the yellow, too bad then :(
Windows is shutting down
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