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Siren Series Soundtrack Collection

Postby yamibito » Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:33 am


Siren franchise. The brainchild of Keiichiro Toyama - the creator and director of the original Silent Hill. He raised the bar for the entire survival horror genre so high that to this day no other game was even close to. There is nothing else like it. An uncomfortable, terrifying, and ultimately fascinating world where things are never what they seem. I absolutely worship these games and i still have hope that someday mr Toyama will create another series entry...


Siren Series Soundtrack Collection includes:

- SIREN Unofficial Soundtrack (game rip)
- SIREN 2 Unofficial Soundtrack (game rip)
- Kounagihishouka (Siren 2 pre-order bonus CD)
- SIREN New Translation OST
- SIREN Sound Collection (New Translation pre-order bonus CD)
- SIREN The Movie OST
- SIREN Sounds Psycho (Movie OST bonus CD)

Enjoy :)!Y0dFDBrT!TOk805dVSpW95EZrZAbnAoxkKJTPvAPhLZuElIW4WZU
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