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Sacred 2 Community Patch & Forum

Postby Steve » Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:56 am


Sacred 2 is an Action-RPG that was released in 2008 and is the follow-up for Sacred. However, as with most games, this game has long since been abandoned by it's developer, Asceron, considering that they dissolved in 2009 (A year after Sacred 2 was released). As a result, a lot of bugfixes and lost content was never realized or recovered... Until the community patch. This community patch does what it can to restore a lot of the content lost because of the typical rushed production schedules that games go through as well as tries to fix a lot of the gameplay bugs that are typically too small for developers to patch when a game is first released. Considering that Sacred 2 is not as moddable as the Elder Scrolls series, the Community Patch is basically as good as it gets to an official and conclusive content & bugfix mod outside additional weapons and graphical tweak mods.

In an odd twist, the only two ways that you can get this file is by registering to one of two modding sites. However, upon registering to one of the sites, the link that they provide merely goes to a file storage site that has no registration requirements. Therefore, I've saved everyone a step by just linking to the file itself (although registering for the site gets you a plethora of minor-to-moderate mods - Just don't expect the type of mods seen with Bethesda games). Enjoy.


Sacred 2 Community Patch v0150 - Unofficial Bugfix and Gameplay Patch Forums - A forum / modding site for Sacred, Sacred 2 & Unbended (an unofficial sequel to Sacred 2 which looks to be canceled) - Registration required to access download section
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Re: Steve's Finds

Postby hfric » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:30 pm

here are my two cents about Scared 2 and why i got the console version ... when i already had the Elite version
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you have to add that this game is only 32bit compatible !!!? well you can play the vanilla in a 64bit os but when you patch it to the newest version to play those ADD-ONs it will not start in a 64bit os... Devs explained , they had to removed the 64bit compatibility to fix memory leaks that this game has.... the thing is, this awful fix for memory leaks made people mad ... mad because many bought the special Elite Texture Pack, to have those extra big textures but for those you need a 64bit system ...

does this patch fixes this ... short answer would be no (it brute forces / adds those strings back so you can start the game in 64bit OS like WIN10 , but it crashes constantly ) , thats why those Better textures are not even on GOG sacred 2 Gold edition
(also the GOG version does not have win10 compatibility), only few people added the Iso from the Elite version on the gog forum to add back the textures ... but those only work on 1.00 version ... not the patched 1.33 version with removed 64bit stubs
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