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Splinter Cell Blacklist - Still No Sound

Postby wcb » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:29 am

The games starts out with sound, but after the initial logo screens, the audio just stops

Yes I used the patches; yes I've installed DirectX through to the latest updates; and all the RUNTIME stuff

I am using compatible software and hardware (Windows 7 SP1, NVidia 710 GT graphics card, etc)

It just appears that the uploader configured the sound to be compatible solely on his/her system, and not that with any other; despite Ubisoft's claims of compatibility.

Are there some settings I am overlooking?

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Re: Splinter Cell Blacklist - Still No Sound  Topic is solved

Postby hfric » Sat Jun 22, 2019 9:32 pm

the repack is fine ... the thing is, this game uses DirectX sound drivers , and it also picks sound language packs depending on your regional setting (if as set voice is missing the game goes MUTE) ... your not alone this was a number one issue for the PC version, even for legal players (many Non-English gamers had to change theirs regional setting of their OS, to "United States" to get the Voices\sound back)... its a Ubisoft game, what did you expect, they don't care for PC ports (see Watch_Dogs disaster)... if you google up "Splinter Cell Blacklist No Sound" you will find countless articles about this ... the thing was, this game uses DX 9c and DX 11 as sound drivers ... if you play on DX9c you need to have DX9c installed to have sound (Welcome to the F Uped world of Ubisoft games) if DX11 ... then dx11 ... the newest kind to have sound on DX11 ... crazy town

Not only that, this PC port was awfully buggy ... another annoying game breaking bug , that was NEVER FIXED IN THE PC VERSION was the sound buffering issue... that after 10 min or 15min or 45min would crash ... some called it "ping of death" , since this game has to connect to Uplay every 15min for what ever reason (some even speculated they did the same shady deeds like in RainbowSix Vegas games, when they downloaded adverts to get more money behind your back ) and after this time the game just loops sounds, till you hear a PING ... and crash... not only that , it was found this game has also badly implemented DX11 shaders that lock this game up

in other words :
SOUNDS are DX specific that you pick in the Advanced Tab in your graphical settings (WTF)
SOUND packs are deepening on your Regional Setting of your Windows (WTF again)
SOUNDS have a non fixed buffering issue that was never fixed that happens only in the campaign (some speculate its depended on your PC ram since this game streams maps to memory and NEVER CLEARS IT .. and then it crashes ... the same way like Bioshock Infinite crashed with the same bug , when it filled the ram)
DX11 is so badly implemented it can kill your GPU (hahahaha)

In other words every one will tell you the PC port is a awful broken disaster ... skip the PC version and play the Console version since its the only working version (well the xbox360 is , since even the PS3 version lulz is SO BAD it could crash and corrupt all your hdd)
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