Dark Vampires: The Shadows Of Dust / Dark Vampires 2 Wolfgroup / Asylum Games, IncaGold 2005

In this German rail shooter similar in play to Deadhunt, you are Jack Peter the mysterious vampire hunter who carries a dark secret himself. No one else can vanquish his opponents as relentlessly as he. With almost inhuman mercilessness he follows them and destroys them where and whenever he finds them. Now the "Dark Council" has notified the underworld that Jack Peter is "enemy of the state" number 1 and has sent armies of the undead after the head hunter. Now you are hunted by the angels of death, immortal beings of the darkness. They sweep over and over again from the empire of death to satisfy their thirst for human flesh. However, Jack Peter knows if he sends the angels of death back often enough to Hell, the gates can be closed forever and he will triumph. The game features 3 levels in 3D graphics, 2 degrees of difficulty, 3 realistic vampire models, a repetitive and irritating sounds and music. It is a very short game as well. It seems that in fact it was an early demo version and when Dark Vampires 2 was released it was in fact the full 10 level game. The main character now is able to run and jump, the enemies are not three, and there's six species, and five levels. In addition, there is a counter of number of "kills" and a gradual increase in complexity.
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German Level Demo ~118MB (@ FreeGames.de)
ISO Demo 118MB (upped by Trey)
ISO Demo (CloneCD) 133MB (upped by Egon68)
Dark Vampires 2 Russian Full Demo 101MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Dark Vampires 2 - Russian ISO Demo 285MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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