Rags 2 Riches 1999

This is a texture pack and realism modification for one of the most notorious games in videogame violence history. It also adds better looking skins. All enemy health amounts have been edited to make the weapons more devastating. The player standard health has been set to 50 and the max health is now 100 which makes the game harder and more realistic. Pawn shops now sell all items no matter what map you're on so now if you got the cash you can buy whatever you want at the very first pawn shop in the game. There's many more modifications.
Download 114MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Kingpin Proper Rip 1.21 + DockCity + Rags2Riches + KP2 + Night Work + Tourneymod_win32, and Mirror 130+1+114+15+176+28MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
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