D-Day: Normandy kvaki 2002

D-Day development began in 1998 as a Quake II mod and provided the first gameplay of this type in this now popular genre. In 2002 v4.1 was released as a standalone game due to the Quake II source being out. D-Day modifies the engine to the point where you do not even realize it is quake2 anymore. It features class based tactical teamplay combat, locational damage - head, chest, stomache, and legs, and no crosshair for added realism. The True-Sight feature - pulls gun up to center of screen to let you aim down the sights for improved accuracy. You have the ability to go prone and crawl around, jump stamina, and class limits. Officers can call in an airstrike to clear out enemies. You can drop any weapon and ammo and pick up weapons off the ground, plus there's an inventory weight system, and players bleed and limp. You can issue easy voice shouts using F-keys. There are no individual scores, kills go to team score 5 maps included in the full install and there are tons of community made maps. High res skins and immersive sound effects are also present as well as immersive details such as helmet deflections, guns being shot out of hands, brains flying out of headshots, bloodsprays, and dud grenades.
Standalone free game v5.0 ~204MB plus multiplayer bots (@ ModDB)Download Mirror plus addons ( @ Official Site)
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Free Game, working game browser, bots, textures HQ 204+404+52MB (uploaded by 3Spot)

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