Tails Gear [J] Blue & White 2007

This is a Doujin shoot 'em up with 3D background effects. You will travel to space stations and various space areas fighting enemy ships. You have 3 mini ships which help you, and you can tell them to stay in one place or follow you around, which is a very nice touch. The music is great and the graphics are very nice. The weapon style is adapted from Raiden 2 with one button (Z by default) for two types of shots: press rapid for wide shot and hold for laser. Player can place their partner ship in desired position (x button by default), while at the same time main aircraft can keep moving or dodging. Weapon bonus will be replaced with "shoots system" which allows player increasing their weapon level. When your fighter hit by enemy bullets but not destroyed, this will result in lowered weapon level. The game comes with 6 levels and 3 difficulties.
Japanese Full Demo (provided by Supernova & upped by Scaryfun) 109MB
Trial Level Demo 13MB (uploaded by Sk8Tokyo)

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