Alltynex Second Siter Skain / Nyu Media Ltd 2010

This vertically scrolling doujin shoot 'em up was released at Summer Comiket 78. It's essentially a remake of the original FM Towns ALLTYNEX that was released in 1996. Although it is the third game by the doujin circle, it is actually the sixth developed. The year is 2192 AD. The stellar-class all-purpose adminstrative computer ALLTYNEX goes berserk upon the Satariel System's activation, and 85% of humanity is wiped out. The remainder escape to the reaches of the solar system, but humanity is unable to cope with the new conditions. The ALLTYNEX War continues for fourty years until 2232 AD. Humanity is down to a single fleet over Jupiter. The ALLTYNEX OS has too many resources, and humanity has one last chance. The fleet is commanded to pierce into ALLTYNEX's defenses as far as it can and then launch 108 Armed Saboteurs (The player craft). The player controls a fighter - in this case, the Tactical Melee Craft Armed Saboteur - that can transform into a somewhat slower-moving semi-mech form, similar in look to Gerwalk mode from Macross, that is capable of using four different weapons; it has two basic attacks and two special attacks. The two basic weapons are it's frontal shot in it's fighter form (pressing Shot button alone) that can increase up to five levels of power and spread, and its energy blades in it's semi-mech form (accessed by pressing the Blade button alone) that not only can inflict high amount of damage, but can also destroy most enemy bullets as well. The two special attacks are the homing lasers (pressing the Blade button while holding down the Shot button) and fire a powerful energy beam (pressing the Shot button while holding down the Blade button) that can also destroy bullets, both of which will consume your Energy Gauge. The player can also use the Special Attack button to use each form's special attack instead of using both Shot and Blade buttons. The power of your fighter's frontal shot is tied to your Energy gauge, meaning that as your Energy Gauge's level decreases, so does the offensive power and spread of your frontal shot. There are three ways to replenish the Energy Gauge: recharges over time, collecting large energy chips from destroying an enemy, or collecting small energy chips from destroying enemy bullets. Going into fighter form will draw all the large energy chip to the player. Small energy chips are always drawn to the Armed Saboteur. An English version came out in 2013.
English Level Demo 63MB (uploaded by Sk8Tokyo)
1-Level 20080229 Japanese Trial Demo 36MB (uploaded by Supernova)
Japanese ISO Demo 212MB (uploaded by Supernova)
2013 English Full Demo 110MB (uploaded by Molitor)

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