Deadhunt REL Games 2005

Deadhunt is an arcadish FPS game that has non-stop adrenaline-pumping gameplay in 4 episodes with total of 40 missions. There are two additional modes: in the "Survival" mode, you simply need to get as many points as possible by killing monsters and gathering items; in the "Greed" mode, your score is zeroed if your character dies. You have to stop the game in the moment when you feel that death is inevitable. In the armed combat against multiple enemies, there are three classes of monsters with 50 kinds of weapons and 10 varieties of monsters' armor. In the unique system of monster destruction you can, for example, shoot off the sword-carrying hand of a monster. Crippled creatures will pursue you, trying for a knockout with its other hand. You have seven varieties of weapons plus grenades, 10 runes and 37 bonuses, including Slowdown, Double Damage, and Nuke. There are also three difficulty levels and 15 original soundtracks.
Level Demo 10MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo v1.01 + bugfix 31MB (uploaded by hfric / myloch)
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Full Demo v1.02 32MB (uploaded by hfric)
Russian Full Demo 65.2MB (uploaded by myloch)

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