Deadly Dozen 2: Pacific Theater nFusion Interactive / Infrogames Entertainment 2002

Deadly Dozen 2 plays like the title suggests in the biggest part of the Pacifc conflict, but also frostier areas are played in 12 missions of this comprehensive Shooter. One can play the missions alternatively in first-person perspective or in the third-person behind the player perspective and the FPS view is not so well playable. One has 4 companions which can be quickly accessible through key commands. Generally it's very easy to issue a few orders and quickly accessible. The game is as seen by my high mortality rate :) rather a tactical shooter. In the beginning the graphics are desolate, however they become more diverse. For the atmosphere it is pretty successful though. One can put together your companions and their weapons by yourself in the mission briefing. The player has an arsenal in weapons which he can change any time if you grow weary of your opponents. You can also drive vehicles like a tank :), truck and jeep. The levels are expansive, however walls serve as a limitation. Thus, one has mostly only 2-3 ways to achive your mission among the choice which are inspected of course by marksmen and other colleagues. Negative points are when issuing commands to your companions, the results like "follow me" now and then in corners, trees, etc. can become stuck and there remain, thus one must switch over to you and 'release' them. Also, the rather dull sayings of your companions (and yourself with every change of command) become repetitive. Opposite recent games I had fun for several hours and would recommend the game.[Rev. by Ishtar]
Level Demo v2.25 ~170MB ( @ Game Pressure) Demo Patch v2.35 ~1MB ( @ File Planet)
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Full Demo Movies Addon (by keropi)
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ISO Demo 524MB (upped by Egon68)
Clone ISO Demo 663MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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