Beverly Hills Cop Tynesoft Computer Software 1990

Eddie Murphy became a star in the police film Beverly Hills Cop, and which spun off this game featuring four distinct sub-games, each of which can be practiced from the main screen in some versions. First Axel Foley visits a warehouse to shoot out some bad guys in a Green Beret-influenced sequence. The second level involves driving after 3 trucks full of weapons, and shooting them out one by one, Chase HQ-style. Avoid contact and stay on the road to complete this. Next you must cross the grounds of a mansion, shooting anyone who gets in your way. The final section is set within the mansion, and is first-person 3D though with wire-frame graphics, although with few movement angles and only one enemy on screen at a time.
EGA Full Demo 352kb (uploaded by Abandonia)
CGA Floppy Images ISO Demo + Full Demo 179kb+177kb (uploaded by
EGA Floppy Images ISO Demo 558kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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