Techno-Sylph: VSYS Gaiden [J] KBZ 2001

This is a fun and very pretty semi-3D vertical shooter from Japan. The idea is simple: shoot everything in sight to progress to the next level. Ray-traced graphics, good sound effects and music, and excellent ship design round off this short but fun shooter that action fans should enjoy. Graphical effects of your ship's weapons are especially good. It's a score attack-based overhead space shooter. The player shoots through levels of enemies trying to survive as long as possible while maximizing score. What distinguishes TechnoSylph from other games is its complex powerup system, challenging the player to keep on top of their choices and micromanage their powerups while also dodging bullets and shooting enemies. The player's primary shot has seven levels, which the player can switch between at will; higher levels feature more bullets and a higher spread, but this power is balanced by their drain on the player's special shot meter. That meter is used to power the player's bomb, and recharges over time - the higher the player's primary shot level, the slower their special shot recharges. The player's bomb creates a small explosion on the player's ship, destroying enemy bullets, and also fires homing shots which are crucial to take out more powerful enemies. The bomb itself can also be powered up via collecting powerup items which boost its maximum level. In 2003, an updated commercial CD-ROM Special version was released featuring remixed, more challenging gameplay and recoloured in-game artwork.
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Japanese Free Game v1.02 1.2MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Special version - ISO Demo + Patch for modern o/s 33MB+47kb (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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