DeathDrome Zipper Interactive / Viacom New Media 1997

Here's the setup: the year is 2057, and the world's prisons are teeming with vicious, condemned criminals. The Committee of Recreational Termination (CORT) has devised a lethal form of entertainment called DeathDrome, where lucky cons like you are given the chance to win freedom if you can survive three rounds of gladiatorial combat in each of the eight deadly domains. Pilot your vehicle, jump over things, pick up weapons, avoid mines, and kill before you get killed. The weapons are nicely chosen, including an oilslick-type force field that zaps the guys behind you, an arsenal of missiles, a “smart bomb” that kills everything within range, and, of course, a conventional laser cannon. DeathDrome was later picked up by SegaSoft's HEAT Network as a "free" online game, allowing players to experience this great mutiplayer game again.
Playable demo v1.55 ~8MB ( @
Full Demo ~14MB (upped by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo missing CDA tracks ~14MB (@
ISO Demo 269MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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