Deer Avenger 3D Hypnotix / Simon & Schuster 2000

This is the first 3d version of this series of parodies of hunting games. You play the deer Bambo who wants to get rid of hunters in his forest. There are 4 locations where you can use rifles, automatic weapons, and atomic-powered particle farts. You can lure hunters with beef jerky and fart-inducing snacks, plus nature lovers and other bystanders will help you out. Shoot or be shot, and endeavor to collect the heads of all 7 hunters for your trophy wall. Further, once you take out a hunter, you gain their weapon and can select from among your accumulated weapons during your next hunting round. It's fun for a bit just don't expect a great game.
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Full Demo ~73MB (uploaded by keropi)
ISO Demo ~271MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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