Deer Hunter: Extended Season Sunstorm Interactive, Inc. / WizardWorks Software 1998

This second add-on doubles the number of locations offered in the original title to six, and adds an additional unconventional weapon, the black powder muzzleloader, which ups the challenge with its imprecise accuracy and firing mechanism. In addition to the woodlands of Arkansas, Colorado, and Indiana from the parent game, Extended Season offers hunting grounds in the Adirondack Mountains, the fall season in the Kentucky woods, and the cold setting of a Nebraska winter. Gameplay features of Deer Hunter remain intact, including two viewing perspectives, a top-down map for easy relocation, a Target Range for honing aiming skills, wind factors, a variety of equipment (scents, deer calls, antler rattles, tree stands, compass), and a Trophy Room. The largest buck in Deer Hunter's Extended Season has 24-points, as opposed to a limit of 20-points in the original game. The expansion also adds a Map Editor to the mix that permits editing item placement (trees, deer marking points, and so forth) to create custom maps.
ISO Demo 18MB (upped by Trey)
included in Deer Hunter: Monster Buck 4-Pack ISO Demo 195MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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