Deer Hunter 2: The Hunt Continues Sunstorm Interactive, Inc. / WizardWorks Software 1998

This offers four locations, more than a dozen accessories, nine weapons, and unlimited seasons for hunters keen on tracking, stalking and taking down big bucks and graceful does in pre-rut, rut and post-rut situations. Terrain is based on actual USGS information and reflects 12 hunting areas (three in each state) featuring diverse environments and weather conditions. Hunters can brave the winters in Pennsylvania, enjoy the foliage of a Michigan autumn, trek through the snow pines and firs in mountainous Washington, or traverse the woodlands of Georgia. For honing shooting skills, it provides a multi-targeted practice range with paper targets and deer silhouettes. Accessories include items like rattling antlers, binoculars, various calls (grunts, doe bleats, rutting grunts), a scent dripper, decoy, scents (buck urine and doe estrus), tree stands, a Global Positioning System, maps, and more. Trackers can search for deer scrapes, tracks, blood trails, and scat while stalking, and novice hunters can utilize various codes to make finding deer easier. Weapons range from a semi-automatic shotgun and bolt action scoped rifle to compound bows and a .44 Magnum Revolver.
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Level Demo ~19MB ( @ Brothersoft)
ISO Demo 58MB (upped by Trey)

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