How To Survive: Kovac's Way DLC EKO Software / 505 Games 2014

Just when you thought you knew How to Survive...things get a whole load tougher in this $2 DLC. Really use your survival instinct or you will become extinct. This additional game mode introduces a new difficulty level to the game available for Story mode and is playable online, local, solo and multiplayer. Resources are scarce now and you will need to keep a close eye on your needs as there is less food and water available. Weather will change and light rain will turn into a blinding storm, putting out your fires, which means no cooking, no light, no fire arrows… but at least you have your flashlight... oh wait, it has no battery power and needs re-charging. When it rains it pours! If things couldn't get any worse, there are now crocodiles and bears that populate the island...but of course they can get worse...did we mention the zombie-crocodiles and zombie-bears?
included in Storm Warning Edition - ISO Demo 3.55GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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