Darius Gaiden Taito Corporation / Interplay Entertainment Corp. 1998

Take command of your Silverhawk fighters once again as you battle to take back the planet Darius from the evil forces that had overpowered it! This was converted from the Taito 1994 arcade game. Taking the controls, gamers work their way through 28 levels while blasting away the opposition with wave lasers, missiles, and bombs either alone or with a friend in cooperative multiplayer action. The ship is armed with forward-firing missiles, aerial bombs and a protective force-field, all of which can be upgraded by various power-ups that are dropped by specially-colored enemies when they are destroyed by the player. New to the Silver Hawk's arsenal is the 'black hole bomb.' When fired, the black hole bomb will create a large vortex in the center of the screen, which sucks in enemies and projectiles on the screen for a short moment, until it explodes into a powerful ball of lightning that inflicts massive damage onto every enemy on the screen. Another feature introduced is the ability to capture minibosses, who appear in every stage. Each miniboss has a small, circular ball placed on them that, after receiving enough damage, will detach and float away, causing the miniboss to turn idle. If the player collects the ball, the miniboss will follow and aid the player. After a brief period of time, or the player loses a life, the miniboss will explode.
Full Demo 16MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
ISO Demo 152MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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