Desperabis [G] Florian Born 2000 2001

Desperabis 2.0 is a 3D-Action game with adventure elements in very dark atmosphere. Master all 26 levels at different places and fight against monsters. The game is freeware for DOS, and in german. As Kiarthan, a medieval lad with an almost finished schooling in magic, you creep into a wizard's castle in order to find a mysterious crystal which is supposed to heal your lady's disease. You go through execrated gardens, dark vaults, and finally the wizard's catle. You collect objects, arrange them in your invetory, and use them at the right place to get on. Frequently, switches and levers you can open doors and activate machines with, act an important part. The permanently shown energy bar suffers from traps, beasts, and fire that you have to runaround sometimes. The second part, directly connected to the story of the first one, is clearly more orientated to action elements. You find yourself in the quest for the magician Grant, who is kept imprisoned by an evil power, and proceed through numerous levels mainly by fighting. Those take place in diversified settings that each have their high density of sanguinary creatures in common, who can be defeated by means of several weapons (sword, crossbow, dagger, trap etc).
German Free Game ~3MB (uploaded by Arcades 3D)

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