Dethkarz Beam Software Pty., Ltd. / Melbourne House 1998

Dethkarz is a futuristic racing game containing much futuristic cars and tracks. Special about this game is the fact that the tracks fly above the ground, and when you fall off you get put back on the track. There is no kind of invisible wall around the track this way. There are maily 5 tracks, from which each are 3 versions, a short, a medium and a long one. There is a time trial, arcade and a championship mode. The game also includes weapons and powerup in arcade as well championship mode. Dethkarz is an excellent futuristic racing game that rivals, if not exceeds, UBI Soft's better-known POD in the fun department. The game's name purposefully sounds like "Death Cars" to signal its style as a "combat racing" game: futuristic cars equipped with weapons to fire opponents off the track. The usual cross-the-finish-line-first objective is augmented with having to pick up power-ups and upgrade your car with better weapons. Anyone who has played Interplay's outstanding Wipeout XL will be familiar with Dethkarz's excellent 3D graphics, branching tracks, and cool-looking cars. There are twelve different tracks you can compete in, each created with a lot of background detail and great flurry of psychadelic colors. If you have a 3D card (3Dfx or Direct 3D compatible), you will be treated to outstanding visuals that look as good today as they did in 1998. As good as the game looks, the gameplay it not flawless. For one thing, it is extremely difficult, at least to novice racers. The cars tend to slide across the road very easily, which makes cornering next to impossible without slamming on the brakes. Since none of the tracks are guarded by rails, this means you will often see your car slip right off the edge of the tracks at sharp corners, losing you valuable time, until you either master the controls or give up playing entirely. Another shortcoming is the limited selection of power-ups: you will find plasma balls, but little else besides these uncreative weapons. The last major downside in my opinion is that you can play only four tracks at a time, gaining access to the next group only when you finish in the top three for each race of the first four tracks.
Level Demo ~17MB ( @
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Full Demo 35MB ( @ Fajnegry)
ISO Demo 522MB (upped by Egon68)

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