Deus Ex ION Storm / Eidos Interactive 2000

Warren Spector, the design genius behind Ultima Underworld and System Shock, created this further excellent game. In a very realistic, futuristic play environment one fights against terrorists. Here one can proceed more or less by using stealth. One can try to fight your way through (does not always work, but you can try many different strategies) or try avoiding conflict as well. Numerous weapons are available and the levels are giantically large. The action is exciting. There are role-playing elements used in the game, like that used in System Shock. For example one trembles at the beginning in traversing to far-removed goals but with the sniper rifle given you have acquired the skills, your chances of succeding improve clearly. One can hack practically into any computer as well. Most objects can be used. The play depth is enormous and nearly always has more than one type of solution. Ion Storm had luck in obtaining the services of Warren Spector. Within a short time it succeded in creating a super game, whereas John Romero was unable to with Daikatana and with a ton of cash in over 3 years. Whoever has tried System Shock and liked it will also loved this. Also with Deus Ex, a giant fun "Game of the Year Edition" (2001) was released containing all patches, and additionally had an AudioCD with the Deus Ex soundtrack.
Level Demo ~139MB Demo Addon-Mission ~33MB ( @ FileFront)
 1  2 
Total Conversions & Graphics Enhancement Unreal engine Direct3D 10 renderer 160kb
 1  2 
 1  2  3 
Full Demo ~151MB / Rip Fix ~2MB / Music Addon ~41MB Speech Addon ~159MB (uploaded by keropi)
 1  2  3  4 
 1  2  3  4 
ISO Demo 494MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Fan-Made Mods/Maps
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Game Of The Year Edition - Sold Out edition v1112f ISO Demo 521MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Game Of The Year - GOG Digital ISO v2.0.011 + Maps + Mods + Extras 431MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Steam/GOTY replacement executable fixes various issues running on modern computers, helps you configure game, mod manager 119kb (uploaded by
GOTY fixes (uploaded by Dark Reality)
Patches & Essential Files (uploaded by Dark Reality)

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