DreadLock [J] Team GrisGris 2006

In the year 20XX a giant meteor falls in the central district president of Earth Protection Force and monster waves occur suddenly. At the same time, a dangerous computer virus has spread to entire network of computers in the world and caused great disaster. You are Rock Hongo aka "Dread Locks" an elite soldier who is given the task of eradicating the evil alien. Ride a robot with super weapons and save the earth in this nice side-scrolling mech action game. Select your weapon from the standard gun, cannon or missile launcher and upgrade these by collecting red power-up items. Other power-ups can restore your health/ repair your robot ship. Ammunition packs are color coded, red for the gun, blue for the cannon and yellow for missiles. There are temporary shield power ups and also some platform elements, such as moving elevators. The platforming element is a nice addition as you have to time jumps and make multiple double jumps accurately to progress through the levels. You can also backtrack and fight more robots and sometimes get an extra power-up or bonus or two. There's extra lives and extra life packs, and an add on vertical shooter that hovers above your robot (it fires in tandem with normal shots but you can fire this separately using the ‘C’ key, if need be). All the weapons have a good long range. Enemy robots come in different sizes and with different abilities and there are fixed guns firing at you in places. You start off with 3 lives and if you find the easy difficulty setting too tame there’s the normal and much more difficult option. And if stunning battles aren't enough, there are also strict time limits for each level!
Level Demo 48MB (uploaded by GameZone)
Japanese Full Demo (provided by Supernova & upped by Scaryfun) 131MB

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