Devastation: Resistance Breeds Revolution Digitalo Studios / Arush, Groove Games 2003

In Devastation you the player are a member of an underground organization in a totalitarian state. The graphics engine is based on the Unreal 2003 technology, though it is not used to its fullest capacity. You are mostly in dilapidated areas roaming around. There are 2 game types: Arcade (a little bit more action, and one can use for an unlimited period all weapons) and Simulation (restricted amount of weapons). Most time you also have teammates. One fights in harbour areas, a psychatric institution (in which you infiltrate) and in an Asian market. There are many weapons with partly cool effects (a high energy weapon which disintegrates opponents (like the vampires in the Blade films)), identifying the origin of the engine clearly. One go and fulfil sub-missions (finding tools, switching ogg apparatuses). Thus there are respawn points (for opponents and allies), which one must switch off. All together however, there is are few surprises. The teammates are not irritating, but also rarely a big help.

The dark story around a totalitarian state doesn't have big quirks, however, it's also not a disposable plot either. Devastation plays well and offers some variety with the 2 play types, however, against other higher-quality games it fails to compete with them.
Demo (2 Missions) ~260MB ( @ Game Pressure) North American & Euro MP Demo v369 ~177MB/181MB MP Demo Performance Fix ~3MB ( @ FileFront)
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Review by wkduffy
ISO Demo ~706MB (by otiscrusher)
Clone ISO Demo 826MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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