DoveZ: The Second Wave Intergenies / Xing Entertainment 2004

There was a world, which let the sun shine. In the action of the global coalitions and all world power, the earth has been saved from alien invasion. Project DOVE was successful. After war, the ship has been transported to zone 4. The sun broke through the clouds until the day, when the world should know, that this war is not over. Writing the year 2157: The science passed big impovements. But are we ready to challenge against the unknown ? The technic opened us the way to the stars. The earth is under secure by many orbital stations. Old legends tell us that the end of the human being is near. But we are still feeling save. During that, the work at Zone 4 in the lost Mountains have been continued. An ambitious scientist and his faithful assistent developed two outstanding, flying war machines: called D-Phyton and D-Tonator. There is only one daredevil testpilot who might control those ships. Anyway, he has no choice. The worst case becomes true and he has to take place in one of those flying thunderbirds. Project "Dove.Z" will decide wheather we will stay alive - or not. Your task is to fight the enemy! For human being - for the earth - to win! It features: 2 different playerships, individual and innovative weapon system for each ship, satellite and shop system, special weapons and upgrades, audiovisual radio messages, cutscenes, many different exciting sceneries, settings in space, underwater, city and industrial, and ice covered planets. It has different weather effects like snow, rain, sun etc., and 3D accelerated graphics.
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2009 Updated Demo 97MB (uploaded by Official Site)
ISO Demo + Patch v1.6 (provided by Supernova & upped by Scaryfun) 663MB

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