Pike: Operation Thunderbolt [Ru] Snowball Interactive / Doka Media, 1C 1996

One of the first "major" commercial games of Russian domestic production. Game is a top-down arcade shoot'em-up. Unlike many other arcade games, the map is actually rotating around you, with your ship remaining static. This action arcade game takes place in the not too distant future - somewhere in the third millennium, when combined humanity has seemingly abandoned their wars and start to actively colonize planets and deep space, and created League of Intergalactic States, which include both land and created colonies on other planets. However, one of the systems had a cluster of habitable planets that had a distinctive feature - they were almost completely covered by water. On these planets settled mainly desperate and hardy people who did not like the pacifist aspirations and in the end, they created their own state - Quaker Union who not only declared independence from the LIS, but declared war. To restore the power of the League on the most "native" rebel planets that are almost completely covered by water, a group of scientists made a military amphibious vehicle called the "Pike" - perhaps the most amazing weapon of this time. And to operate this machine in a planned operation "Thunderbolt", the purpose of which is the final defeat of the Quakers, will, of course, be you. There is an alternative vehicle - the helicopter "Hind", which by its combat power is inferior to "Pike", but is more maneuverable, the tactic of passing the missions while playing it is quite different. Our battle machines have available a number of weapons - machine guns, flame throwers, grenade launchers, plasma cannons, and as many as four kinds of missiles, all of which have strengths and weaknesses. Enemy forces are mainly represented by different types of vehicles - hovercraft, helicopters and fighter planes of different types - but also you have to face some types of infantry, as well as defensive towers and booby-traps. Game has two modes. In the campaign mode, you must follow the storyline consisting of missions. The objectives of these missions are usually limited to two types - either to destroy something, or something to protect; the missions themselves are mostly quite short in duration, but often complex. The second mode - random mission - is much more interesting. There is also a duel mode or multiplayer via modem, null-modem or IPX network.
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Russian ISO Demo 459MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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