Mad Trax Rayland Interactive / Project Two Interactive BV 1998

It's one of the most deadliest tournaments in racing. It features multiple cars and each one is hungry for the victory. It is where the best come to race and where the best come to win. What is the name of this tournament? Mad Trax! Prepare to be thrown into the drivers seat of a car that truly does "mean business." You will be competing against other "super-cars" that all can move, turn and fight just as hard as you can so don't expect anything to be easy. You will also have several choices when racing against the competition. You can either blow by them, at a booming 200 mph, or you can blow them to bits with one of the many weapons you'll be able to equip. Sure, you can take along missiles, mines, lasers and many other little gadgets that will help make the game that much more violent, although you won't have much time to celebrate after a kill, as these bad boy can do the same back at you in a heartbeat. Oh, and you thought the racers were the only problem? How about the courses themselves? Featuring unique nuances in each area, you'll always have to be at the ready and keep your foot on the gas. Expect the unexpected as you fly over a jump and have to actually land on four wheels, compensating for the speed you were going. Or maybe it's the corkscrew and drop-offs that will be your final chapter in this racing world gone bad? Featuring 3dfx support for maximum looks and resolution, you'll need to have your guns and wits fine-tuned or crash and burn city is where you'll be. Visually, Mad Trax excels and positions itself as one of the finer looking titles in the genre.
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