Fortified Jurgen Egeling Computer / Assistant Publishing 1997

Your fortifications are the last strongholds for you planet. Aliens used to come only at night, but now as the war has progressed, they have increased their efforts to try and bring the human race to neo-genocide. Their intentions have been learned by the very few survivors: To abduct humans and use them for the manufactoring of their warcraft. Workers usually only survive a couple of months due to the inhalation of metalic dust and bacteria of their desert planet. Your final mission is to try to stop this full born attack of this modern barbaric species. Your surviving population uses the shrapnel from the destroyed ships to develop new weapons. You must keep your population to a maximum! Try to destroy the mother ships before they deploy their "metal children from hell". Destroy the stealers as fast as you can, to save your remaining population from a terrible fate. The combat ships try to destroy your guns with firepower. Avoid their shots and try to destroy them as fast as you can. When their combats ships first enter the atmosphere, they must adjust their flying stabalizers to maintain control of their aircraft. At this time they are most vulnerable. Shoot them when they group together, the explosion of one ship could take them all out. If the aliens manage to abduct the entire population from the planet they will destroy the planet to wipe all evidence of their treachery. The aliens come in waves of both increasing power and numbers. So keep your population and gun supply up. Don't waste shots! Get the bonuses when you can, and never let your guard down! Fight like this is your last battle - it may well be! There are 144 levels in Fortified, spread across the 4 scenarios. There are also 36 bonus levels within those scenes which are truly gut-splittingly funny. You start with a stationary cannon in a medieval castle, and you have to shoot down alien ships while gathering power-ups. It's basically a 2D game with fake 3D perspective for enemies and gun placement on screen, like Wolfenstein and DOOM, and 2D landscape like Moorhuhn.
ISO Demo 29MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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