Shikigami no Shiro II [J] AlfaSystem / SourceNext 2004

Sequel to Shikigami no Shiro, SS2 is a vertical-scrolling shooter with sci-fi elements. Originally an arcade game, it was ported to consoles in English as Castle Shikigami 2, but the PC port was only for Japan. In the beginning of the story, a giant castle appeared from above the city of Tokyo sometime during 2006. At 40 km, the ship-shaped castle was known as Nejireta castle. The battle between mankind and the gods is about to begin. As in most games in the genre, the game puts you in control of a small fighter as you attempt to make your way past several stages filled with enemy ships charging and attacking you in different patterns. The game features 7 distinct characters with psychic powers (which manifest in-game as bomb-type attacks and other special moves) and unique fighters, and the game features a story mode for each character, in which they have different dialogues and plot sequences for each boss fight. Also included is a weapon system similar to Psyvariar's in which you can enhance your power and rate of fire by scraping incoming bullets. Five difficulty levels are available, for both the regular game and the "extreme mode", in which enemies release additional fire when destroyed.
Japanese ISO Demo 415MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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