Phantasmal (House of the Shunned God) eyemobi 2015

Early Access, Full Release Date: Apr 14/2016 This is a procedurally generated (roguelike) FPS horror game with inspiration from the Cthulu mythos. After a joint military/scientific expedition goes missing after setting up a base of operations in an isolated mansion in Northern Europe, your team is sent in to investigate. To your horror, your team is ambushed and you awaken deep within the mansion amongst your dead comrades. Your goal is to escape from a randomly generated mansion. As well as needing to deal with the hellish denizens that inhabit the mansion, you will need to get to each portal within the time limit or the entity known as the Shunned God will actively pursue you. The goal of this game made with Unity engine is to create complete uncertainty so that the player will never know what to expect. Currently in the demo, only the environment is randomly generated, but the end goal is to have randomly generated enemies (AI and appearance) and an AI director similar to L4D which will dictate events in the game depending on the player's play style.
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Browser-Playable/Downloadable Pre-Alpha Demo v0.37.03 300MB (uploaded by TIGForums)
Full Demo Update 20 1.30GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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